More Chambers policy regarding COVID-19 vaccination

The purpose of this policy is to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace occupied by Chambers’ members, licensees and staff and to comply with the Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status Direction (Qld) (dated 7 December 2021) (“the Health Direction”).

  1. Everyone attending More Chambers must use the Check in Qld App to sign in on arrival at More Chambers. Those without the Check in Qld App will be required to sign in manually in a Register kept at the front reception.
  2. As a condition of entry to More Chambers, More Chambers requires that members, licensees and staff (whether they are employees of More Chambers, an individual barrister or employees of individual barristers) have had 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This must be proven by allowing Director of More Chambers or a person nominated by the Directors of More Chambers to sight their certificate of vaccination and record that fact.
  3. If a member, licensee or staff member cannot have a COVID Vaccination for a documented medical reason and has a ‘medical contraindication certificate’ as defined in the Health Direction (a medical exemption), the Directors may consider exemptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.
  4. More Chambers also requires that any visitors, including solicitors, other barristers, law clerks, paralegals, clients and their support persons, work experience students and any other person visiting chambers (Visitor(s)), are ‘fully vaccinated persons’ as defined in the Health Direction, as a condition of entry to More Chambers. Inquiries and confirmation of this status must be made by the Barrister hosting visitors to chambers. The Barrister hosting a solicitor and/or client should communicate with his/her solicitor as to the requirement of proof of vaccination prior to the proposed attendance at More Chambers by the solicitor and/or client and/or other person.
  5. Where a proposed Visitor is not a ‘fully vaccinated person’, the person proposing to host the proposed Visitor should instead make alternative arrangements so that the proposed Visitor does not need to physically attend More Chambers, instead holding any conferences or meetings by phone or video technology.
  6. If there are special circumstances which require the in-person attendance of a Visitor who is not a fully vaccinated person (due to a medical exemption) to More Chambers, the Directors may approve temporary case-by-case exemptions to this policy. In those circumstances, the person inviting the proposed Visitor who is not fully vaccinated should give the Directors at least 72 hours prior notice of the proposed visit, and the relevant circumstances, so that the Directors can consider whether an exemption should be granted and what extra information will need to be provided.
  7. A person, including a visitorand staff member, is not required to provide proof of vaccination or evidence of a medical contraindication if:
    • the person is younger than 16 years; or
    • the person is exercising law enforcement, intelligence, or national security functions on behalf of a government agency; or
    • the person enters in an emergency or is entering to provide emergency services; or
    • it would present a risk to the person’s safety.
  8. Masks are no longer required, as per the QLD Government Health Directives, to be worn on More Chambers premises for all ‘fully vaccinated persons’. Any members and staff (whether they are employees of More Chambers, an individual barrister or employees of individual barristers) who have not provided evidence of their fully vaccinated status to the directors or their nominee, will need to continue to wear a mask in chambers, including those who are vaccinated, until they have provided that evidence to the Directors or their nominee, or in the case of visitors to More Chambers to the person proposing to host them.
  9. Conferences shall not spill over into common areas, nor shall the reception area be used apart from use by those employees who presently work from that reception area.
  10. Members are not to keep any visitor/s waiting for them and if members need to keep visitors waiting then the visitors should not wait in the common areas of the chambers.
  11. Researchers are allowed in the chambers but only in the employing Member’s chambers or in a designated alcove for that purpose and as necessary to access such chambers. Researchers must prior to commencing employment provide proof of vaccination in accordance with paragraph 4 herein.

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